Local cuisine


Steamed fish paste (straw Kamaboko), flat seaweed (Ita Wakame), Sanbe Soba and other products made with ingredients from the sea and the mountain are available in Ohda.

Sea food


Ohda city is close to the Sea of Japan, with 46 kilometers of coastline, here is rich in seafood. Flatfish, cuttlefish, blackthroat seaperch, tilefish, milkfish, Japanese sandfish, conger eel and other products made with ingredients from the sea are available in this region.



It is said that the origin of this food dates back to the time when Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine was under the control of the Tokyo shogunate. Government officials and nobleman’s wives came to live in the Iwami area, but were emotionally attached to the customs of Tokyo. The modern Tokyo style is reflected in the preparation and presentation of Sushi.

Sanbe soba noodles


Sanbe is known as a soba-growing area, nicely chewy Sanbe soba noodles is highly recommended to visitors.