Mt.Sanbe – National Park Area

The highest peak in the Mt.Sanbe range rises 1126m above sea level. There are six peaks in this circular mountain range. The area is divided into four areas-NISHI NO HARA(west), HIGASHI NO HARA(east), KITA NO HARA(north)and Mt. Sanbe Hot Springs(south). Here you can enjoy activities all year around, from mountain climbing to hot springs, camping and so on.  Visit the nearby Mt. Sanbe Nature Museum and take a look at the trees buried by volcanic matter during the Jomon Period at the Sanbe-Azukihara Buried Forest Park.


The Sanbe Azukihara Buried Forest Park


The Sanbe Azukihara Buried Forest Park is a mysterious forest that has many huge trees entombed in the earth. The forest is the result of a volcanic eruption that happened during the Jomon Period, almost 3,500 years ago. The mountain face collapsed and earth and sand flowed into the Azukihara Valley to enclose the forest there. In the exhibition area you can observe closely that some trees remain standing in the original states and others having been pushed down and lying at the former fs roots. At the sight of the buried forest you may find pieces of bark and twigs on the trees an fallen leaves around the roots, that have been preserved in their original states. Among the leaves, insect wings have also been uncovered. The surrounding environment is somewhat like a time capsule from the Jomon Period.

  • Opening hour: 9:30 – 17:00
  • Closed: several days in early Dec for maintains, Dec.29-Jan.1
  • Admission fee: Adults ¥300, Children ¥150
  • TEL 0854-86-9500

Ukinuno Lake


In the Mt. Sanbe-san area, there are grassy plains at the feet of the mountains, forests of beeches and mizunara (a kind of beech tree) on the sides, and a beautiful lake named Ukinuno, all of which provide you with a wealth of various remaining types of nature.

Himenoga Pond


At Lake Himeno-ga-ike in Kita-no-hara, tens of thousands of irises are in full bloom in early summer that have been designated as a natural monument of the prefecture. The best time to see the iris in flower is from mid-May to June.

Shimane Nature Museum of Mt. Sanbe


This is a museum that depicts nature and the environment. It is located in the KITA NO HARA area of Mt.Sanbe. The planetarium in this museum is the best equipped one in Sanin Region of Japan. It is technically perfect, and most educational to see.

  • Address:1121-8, Tane, Sanbe-cho, Ohda-City
  • Opening hours: 9:30〜17:00, 9:30〜18:00(April〜October)
  • Closed: Every Tuesday, year-end and new year holidays
  • Admission: Adults ¥700, Children ¥350
  • Tel 0854-86-0500



A campground site surrounded by the natural scenery of Mt.Sanbe in the national park. A full lineup of sites available, including an auto campsite, cabins and other facilities. Have fun camping out up in the relaxing mountain highlands in a camping style that suits your fancy!

Sanbe Hot Springs


Sanbe Hot Spring has been known as a good-quality hot spring at the foot of Mount Sanbe, a symbol of Ohda City, Shimane. With water pouring out as much as 3,000 liters per minute, the hot spring has the volume at the top level in Japan. The water is known to be effective for treating rheumatism, neuralgia, skin conditions and other health concerns. Accommodation is offered by hotels and inns with spacious bathtubs and open-air baths, which are available not only to hotel guests but also to other visitors.