Ohda city and Coast

Ohda city lies along the Sea of Japan, with 46km beautiful coast. The long coast is the best choice for fishing and sea bathing. Every summer, the display of fireworks on the Kute coast is also very impressive.

Mononobe Shrine


This is the most revered shrine in the Iwami region, attracting many worshippers. The main shrine, standing 16.3 meters high, is a splendid structure second in scale only to Izumo Taisha. It is registered as a Cultural Treasure of Shimane Prefecture. The shrine has accumulated a collection of hundreds of precious items donated by such powerful families as the Oouchi, Mohri and Tokugawa and by Count Katsu Kaishu, including a pair of swords believed to date from the early 14th century.

  • Address: 1545, Kawai, Kawai-cho, Ohda City
  • Opening hours: Always open for unattended worship
  • Admission free
  • Tel 0854-82-0644



The scenery of the sea coast is various. You can find interestingly shaped rocks such as Kaketo-matsushima; long cliff that has a gently sloping plateau at the top; the beautiful sunset and so on. The contrasts of the blue of the sea, the stark white of the rock face, and the bright green of the trees on the coast leave a lasting impression on visitor.